Prepare For War With This Colorless Land From Commander Legends

A new rare land brings card draw for the price of your commanders’ colors!

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Channel Fireball, check out this rare, colorless land from Commander Legends — War Room!

T: Add C.
3, T, Pay life equal to the number of colors in your commanders’ color identity: Draw a card.

As Gavin Verhey so eloquently stated above, War Room brings much needed card draw to decks with color identities that don’t normally have access to it, such as Mono-White.

While paying life to draw a card makes for an easy comparison between War Room and Castle Locthwain , War Room is likely just a solid upgrade, as it’s much less mana intensive (1BB versus 3), and is also easier to plan your future turns around since you’ll always know how much life you’ll need to pay.

So what do you think of War Room? Will it see more play in Commander than cards like Arch of Orazca or Sea Gate Wreckage? Let us know in the comments below!