Good Morning Magic Previews Mistral Singer

Watch the art for Mistral Singer go from sketch to finished product on Good Morning Magic.

Command Tower, illustrated by Ryan Yee.

Gavin Verhey brought Magic artist Ryan Yee on Good Morning Magic today to detail his process of painting Mistral Singer from Core Set 2021.

Yee, most known for his work on cards like Command Tower and Elspeth Conquers Death, talked about his early work for Magic and highlighted his favorite piece, Die Young from Kaladesh. Then Verhey brought up the art description for Yee’s newest piece from Core Set 2021 and asked him to go over the process of making the art from scratch.

After getting the art description, Yee talked about and showed some of the initial sketches he created. He narrowed down his sketches to a couple options and added coloring to them and sent them to the art director who gave him feedback he incorporated into what would become the basis of the final image. He finalized the details and completed the piece which would go on Mistral Singer, a blue common.

Mistral Singer is the latest strictly better Wind Drake in Magic, this time getting the added bonus of prowess to the three-mana 2/2 flyer. Yee wraps up the video by giving his thoughts on the art, the lessons learned in the process of making it, and by telling an artistic dad joke.