Spirits Fans Get New Tool In Shacklegeist

Rare two-drop offers spirits decks more flexibility on the battlefield.

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Brainstorm Brewery, check out the latest Spirit to join the tribe from Core Set 2021 — Shacklegeist.

Spirits are back in Core Set 2021 and Shacklegeist gives the creature type some utility to work around problematic creatures on the other side of the battlefield. While a 2/2 flyer for two with the Spirit creature type is a nice starting point, Shacklegeist does a bit more.

Shacklegeist can block only creatures with flying.

It begins with a downside that many flying creatures have, making them great for attacking but not for playing defense. However, the second ability makes up for the part about not being to block everything.

Tap two untapped Spirits you control: Tap target creature you don’t control.

If you combine Shacklegeist with any other Spirit you can lock down an opponent’s most threatening creature or clear the way for an attack of your own. Spirits tend to play one way, flying over the competition and ignoring their opposition, but Shacklegeist gives you options for planning out long-term plans of attack. Being able to stop creatures before they get their attack trigger is also pretty powerful.

Modern and Pioneer already have playable Spirits decks, so we’ll see if they can or want to make room for this newest creature. Shacklegeist could also be foreshadowing more Spirits in the sets to come for a possible Standard deck.