Good Morning Magic Plays Pack 1, Pick 1 With The Core Set Cube

Learn all about the new Core Set Cube coming to Magic Online.

Shivan Dragon, illustrated by Melissa A. Benson

Gavin Verhey brought Kyle O’Neil on today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to introduce his Core Set Cube and run through a bunch of Pack 1, Pick 1 scenarios.

O’Neil has been a cube builder and connoisseur for a long time, but his Core Set Cube was always the most popular. Now it’s coming to Magic Online so that players around the world can enjoy the cube and the nostalgia it brings. The cube is built entirely of cards that appeared in core sets and the goal is to bring the band back together or allow players to see and play with all the original iconic cards that introduced so many people to Magic.

While the cube has some wacky cards like Warp World and has some combo archetypes like Golos, Tireless Pilgrim plus Door to Nothingness, it mostly centers around monocolored and two-color pairs. There are some tribal decks like Goblins and Elves, but also has classic control, aggro, and ramp archetypes available.

O’Neil touched on some themes for color pairs like Rakdos sacrifice and Orzhov life gain, but said all archetypes and cards can be found in the Cube introduction article on Daily MTG. The rest of the episode was dedicated to breaking down Pack 1, Pick 1 choices.