Good Morning Magic Offers Mystery Booster Easter Eggs

Learn more about some of the playtest cards that show up in Mystery Booster Convention Edition.

Terminus illustrated by James Paick

With the release of Mystery Booster: Convention Edition to stores today, Gavin Verhey used today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to give off Easter Eggs for the set.

Verhey was the lead architect for the set and designed the majority of the special playtest cards that come one per pack. To celebrate the release of the set to stores, Verhey offered up 10 fun facts on cards from the edition.

Here are a few of the Easter Eggs that stand out:

  • Sunimret is a reverse version of Terminus, with the name being the reverse spelling of the iconic Avacyn Restored card.
  • Bind / Liberate is a split card that just used two existing cards and slaps them together. Start / Fire does the same thing with halves of aftermath and split cards.
  • Golgari Death Swarm is a joke from the Great Designer Search question about a what multi-color pair would get a 4/4 flying creature with vigilance. The initials of the card name match the abbreviation of the Great Designer Search.
  • Throat Wolf is a callback to Magic’s first meme. The rumor of the card circulated, but never existed until Verhey made it for Mystery Booster.

Sunimret Golgari Death Swarm Throat Wolf

Check out the whole video for all the deep dives on cards inspired by other cards, creators, and jokes.