Good Morning Magic Goes Over Commander 2021 Legend Selection Process

Learn more about how the legends for Commander decks are chosen.

Osgir, the Reconstructor, illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez
Osgir, the Reconstructor, illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez

Gavin Verhey covered the history of legendary creatures included in Commander decks over the years on today’s episode of Good Morning Magic.

From a combination of new and reprints, to planeswalkers, to partners, and more, the Commander decks have tried a wide variety of leading legends for the decks. Unlike previous products that provided three legends for the front-facing colors of each deck, Commander 2021 is mixing things up a bit.

Instead of using a third multicolor legend to go along with the main two for each deck, this year players can get two more legends, but they are monocolored. This provides players more flexibility and freedom so they aren’t building three or more multicolor decks with the same theme. Now players that prefer monocolored decks get some new toys, while decks containing different colors also get more options if they’re looking for specific pieces to fill out their decks.

While the Lorehold Commander deck has Osgir, the Reconstructor and Alibou, Ancient Witness for the front facing multicolor legends, the deck also gets Losheel, Clockwork Scholar and Laelia, the Blade Reforged.

Today the team at MTG Goldfish will preview the Quandrix Commander deck.