Good Morning Magic Details Magic Novel Promo History

From Arena to Mana Crypt, learn about promo cards from books and comics.

Mana Crypt, illustrated by Mark Tedin

With Double Masters release today, Gavin Verhey used today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to cover the history of promo cards from Magic novels and comic books, including the iconic original Mana Crypt.

Back in 1995 Wizards of the Coast began releasing novels to tell the story of Magic, and to entice more people to buy them they included a way to get a special promo card for reading/purchasing them. The back of the book included a coupon that could be sent in for a unique promo card, starting with “Arena” which would reward the card Arena and Sewers of Estark.

Arena Sewers of Estark

The promo cards continued but were not very powerful including cards like Windseeker Centaur for “Whispering Woods” and Giant Badger from “Shattered Chains.”

Windseeker Centaur Giant Badger

The book “Final Sacrifice” changed everything, however, with the promo card Mana Crypt. While the novel cards stopped, other various promos have lived on with the Jace Beleren from Agents of Artifice and the Dack Fayden IDW comic book promos including High Tide, Duress, and Faithless Looting.

Mana Crypt Jace Beleren High TIde Duress Faithless Looting