Weekly MTG Previews Imperial Recruiter and Riku Of Two Reflections

Stream reveals final mythic rares in Double Masters.

Imperial Recruiter, illustrated by Zack Stella

Blake Rasmussen and Steve Sunu previewed the final two mythic rares from Double Masters on Weekly MTG today – Imperial Recruiter and Riku of Two Reflections!

Riku of Two Reflections debuted in Commander 2011 and only had one other printing as a judge promo. Imperial Recruiter was first printed in Portal: Three Kingdoms with a judge promo as well, but did get a much-needed reprint in Masters 25.

Rasmussen and Sunu then previewed some more commons and uncommons before going over the limited archetypes.

Abrade Cast Down Esperzoa Glassdust Hulk Hinder Invigorate Izzet Charm Pongify Ravenous Intruder Springleaf Drum Welding Jar Yavimaya's Embrace Crib Swap

Notable rarity downgrades in the previewed cards were Yavimaya’s Embrace going to uncommon while Abrade, Cast Down, and Crib Swap dropped to common. The limited archetypes are broken down below.

  • Azorius: Artifacts matter in play
  • Dimir: Artifacts matter by entering/leaving the battlefield
  • Orzhov: Artifact attrition
  • Izzet: Artifact “cheatery”/reanimation
  • Gruul: Pumping power/toughness, ramp
  • Selesnya: Go wide tokens
  • Rakdos: sacrifice
  • Golgari: Morbid
  • Boros: Equipment
  • Simic: Big ramp

At the end of the episode the two made the full set image gallery live. Rasmussen and Sunu also teased that next week’s state of the game announcement will include more information on Amonkhet Remastered.

Stream reveals last mythic rares in Double Masters as well as set full card image gallery live.