Good Morning Magic Details How to Build Commander Legends Sealed Deck

Watch how the mind behind the idea of Commander Legends builds a Sealed deck with the new set.

With the upcoming release of Commander Legends, Gavin Verhey used today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to show how to build a Sealed deck with the new set.

Verhey started off with the basics: get six packs of Commander Legends, build a 60-card Commander deck (doesn’t have to be singleton), with at least one and up to two Commanders (if they have partner), and make sure the deck meets the Commander’s color identity.

He recommends starting by cracking open all the packs and looking at all your legendary creatures first to see if any stand out or if any work together with partner. From there sort the rest of the cards by color to see which colors have the most playables or certain cards you really want to play. Then look for bombs, removal, and creatures with evasion. Just like in normal Sealed, having creatures with flying or trample is important, but even more so in Commander Legends with the emphasis on the monarch mechanic.

Of course, you’re going to want mana acceleration and ways to draw cards, as they are two of the most important things to be doing in Commander. You’ll want around 35 non-land cards, 25 lands, and your commander or commanders to complete a deck. While a good mana curve is always important in limited, Commander Legends Sealed will also make you want to skew your deck to have more late-game plays and mana sinks as games tend to go longer than a normal game of Sealed.

From there, Verhey shows off his deck he built from six packs, including breaking down all the key combos, his mana curve, ramp, card drawing, and removal.