Good Morning Magic Announces Pauper Format Panel

Gavin Verhey announces a new panel committee, overseeing the Pauper format

Mulldrifter, illustrated by Eric Fortune

On today’s Good Morning Magic, Gavin Verhey announced the creation of the Pauper Format Panel (PFP).

The PFP will consist of seven members who maintain the health of the Pauper format by providing feedback to the Magic play design team — aiming to drastically reduce the response time for implementing changes.

Panel Members

The PFP process will begin with a review of the format metagame, followed by ban suggestions. If any changes deemed necessary, Verhey will then relay that feedback to the internal teams at WotC. While the PFP will operate similarly to other groups such as the Commander Rules Committee, they won’t have complete autonomy, and the final decision to ban card(s) will ultimately come from WotC.

We know many players have been asking for changes, and while we don’t have anything to announce at this time, you can expect to hear more soon.

While changes are unlikely during preview season for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Verhey assures they are coming in the near future. In the meantime, he also requests that players provide their feedback and suggestions via his Twitter or email.

For more information on the Pauper Format Panel, read Verhey’s article on Daily MTG.