Golgari Gets Legendary Zombie Elf In Commander Legends

A fan-favorite from MTG novels gets her first card appearance in Commander Legends!

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Nopi, check out this legendary Zombie Elf from Commander Legends — Belbe, Corrupted Observer!

As a Commander, Belbe not only encourages unique deck building, but also enables some very silly early-game synergies.

At the beginning of each player’s postcombat main phase, that player adds CC for each of your opponents who lost life this turn.

As Saffron Olive pointed out, leading on a one-mana creature with an ability that deals damage to each opponent, such as Vicious Conquistador or Night Market Lookout, and curving into Belbe on Turn 2 can lead to upwards of six to nine mana! Hello Turn 2 Wurmcoil Engine!

Also previewed with Belbe, was Court of Ambition — a four-mana enchantment that appears to be part of a cycle.

As we’ve seen with several cards already in Commander Legends, Court of Ambition plays into the monarch role and taxes each opponent for three life unless they discard a card from hand on your upkeep. If you’re the monarch however, that tax is increased to either six life or two cards from hand.

Belbe, Corrupted Observer and Court of Ambition both look like super fun cards that can be heavily built around and set up some wild interactions. Will you strive to be the monarch? Or recruit Belbe as your commander and cast some big threats fast?

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