Everything You Need To Know For Saturday’s SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier

Get up to speed on Standard, players to watch, and the coverage team for tomorrow’s SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier.

The third SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier of Season Two fires tomorrow morning as we go into the second week of the latest version of Standard. As Magic moves toward rotation and the release of Zendikar Rising next month, we continue to live out the remainder of Standard after the bannings of Wilderness Reclamation, Growth Spiral, Teferi, Time Raveler, and Cauldron Familiar.


Sultai Ramp and Temur Adventures were the two front-runners going into last weekend’s Championship Qualifier following the recent bannings, but Sultai Ramp vastly outperformed the Lucky Clover based strategy. Sultai Ramp made up about a quarter of the field and improved to half of the Top 8 decks, including the winner, Gabriel Nicholas.

While Temur Adventures was the second-most played deck alongside Temur Elementals, only one copy reached the elimination rounds in the hands of Sean Goddard, who lost to the eventual runner-up, Ryuji Murae on Rakdos Sacrifice (Lurrus) in the quarterfinals.

Murae was one of two players in the Top 8 with Rakdos Sacrifice, an underrepresented deck in the event with only three players opting for the deck that lost the Cauldron Familiar/Witch’s Oven combo.

The other unique deck to make the Top 8 of the second Championship Qualifier was Mardu Winota played by Yosuke Iwata. The deck popularized by Michael Jacob at the Players Tour Finals dodged any bannings, but only made up just over five percent of the field.

While Sultai Ramp continued to take the majority of top finishes in the Challenges this week, there have been a few rogue takes collecting a 4-0. Check out Orzhov Yorion by Andrew Morrison, Boros Winota by Case Johnson, Jeskai Control by Lukas Dusek, and Izzet Aggro by Cameron Sullivan.

Players to Watch

  • Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
  • Autumn Burchett
  • Corey Baumeister
  • Marcio Carvalho
  • Ari Lax
  • Eli Kassis
  • Kyle Boggemes
  • Matt Dilks
  • Brandon Burton
  • Eric Froehlich
  • Ross Merriam
  • Simon Nielsen
  • David Inglis
  • Michael Hamilton
  • Nick Prince


Coverage starts at 10 AM ET on Saturday. Cedric Phillips, Patrick Sullivan, Bryan Gottlieb, and Michael Majors will call all the action while I do my usual job of picking feature matches, interviewing players, and running things behind the scenes. Watch all the action on twitch.tv/starcitygames and check out the tournament page for the event on MTG Melee.