Espinosa, Katz Win SCG CON Philadelphia Modern 10Ks

Four-Color Control (Yorion) and Five-Color Indomitable Creativity claim trophies on the weekend.

Wrenn and Six illustrated by Chase Stone

Ivan Espinosa and Ben Katz took home trophies in the Modern 10K events this weekend at SCG CON Philadelphia, with both players running at least four colors in their decks.

Espinosa won the first of two Modern 10Ks with Four-Color Control (Yorion) while Katz won the second event with Five-Color Indomitable Creativity. The 767 players that registered for Modern were split between two events after the initial tournament capped at 400 players. The events were evened up with the first 10K having 381 players and the second 10K having 386 players.

Espinosa, fresh off winning the NRG Championship last month, continued his winning ways with Four-Color Control (Yorion). He made the Top 8 as the #3 seed after going 8-1 in the Swiss. Espinosa reached the finals with wins over Alexander Knopf on Temur Crashcade in the quarterfinals and Marshall Arthurs on Izzet Midrange in the semifinals. Espinosa wrapped up the event with one last victory over Avery Ferguson on Living End.

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Katz won the second Modern 10K with Five-Color Indomitable Creativity without taking a loss. He went 8-0-1 in the Swiss to enter the elimination rounds as the top seed.

Katz beat Kyle Shane on Izzet Midrange in the quarters before the Top 4 players split, leaving Katz the champion. The rest of the Top 4 consisted of Dylan Carr on Four-Color Control (Yorion), Derrick Garner on Eldrazi Tron, and Eli Kassis on Hardened Scales (Lurrus).

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