Draft Challenge Returns This Weekend On MTG Arena

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Challenge and Harvest Bash hit MTG Arena this weekend.

Eccentric Farmer illustrated by Tyler Walpole

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has provided a series of important details about updates for MTG Arena.

Draft Challenge Returns

The competitive-focused Draft Challenge comes back to MTG Arena this weekend featuring Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Players will compete in Best-of-Three matches until they reach six wins or two losses. Entry fee is 3,000 gems or 20,000 gold. Rewards are shown below:

6 wins4 Player Drafts Tokens, 20 Packs
5 wins3 Player Draft Tokens, 15 Packs
4 wins3 Player Draft Tokens, 10 packs
3 wins2 Player Draft Tokens, 6 Packs
2 wins1 Player Draft Token, 3 Packs
1 win1 Player Draft Token
0 winsNo rewards

Harvest Bash Event Begins Friday

The Harvest Bash starts on October 22 and will be singleton with the Grab Bag emblem which reads: at the beginning of your upkeep choose one that hasn’t been chosen — create a Treasure token, create a Clue token, create a Food token. Players can earn more showcase equinox card styles, these being Bird Admirer, Village Witch, Kessig Naturalist, Graveyard Trespasser, and Tovolar’s Huntmaster. Entry fee for each festival is 2,500 gold or 500 gems. Galazeth Prismari, Omnath, Locus of Creation, and Yasharn, Implacable Earth will be banned for the event that runs through October 26.

Upcoming Events

Midweek Magic

  • October 19-21: On the Edge
  • October 26-28: Historic Brawl Showcase
  • November 2-4: Omniscience

Quick Draft

  • October 15-29: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
  • October 29-November 12: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Other Events

  • October 22-25: Draft Challenge
  • October 22-26: Harvest Bash
  • October 29-November 5: Premier Draft: Ravnica Mixer
  • November 5-12: Premier Draft: Core Sets

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