David-Marshall Announces Role As President Of InterPop

Longtime Magic fixture taking on new role in NFT and collectible super team.

Former Magic commentator and Pro Tour historian Brian David-Marshall announced yesterday that he’s taking on the role of president and publisher of InterPop, a new subsidiary of TQ Tezos focused on redefining the future of NFTs in the gaming and collectible landscape.

InterPop is a super team of people in the gaming and comic realm, including notable Magic Hall of Famers: Zvi Mowshowitz and Alam Comer, working on creating its own digital comic universe. Readers of the comics will be able to participate in choices that range from “cosmetic to cosmic” from issues to issue. On top of collectibles, InterPop is developing skill-based games and more based on the Tezos blockchain utilizing “clean” NFTs.

Read the press release from InterPop.