Cyclonic Rift Returns With New Art, Showcase Frame In Double Masters

A Commander staple returns with new art and a new Showcase frame in Double Masters!

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Izzet MTG News, a Commander staple returns, poised to make blue mages everywhere happy — Cyclonic Rift!

First printed in Return to Ravnica, Cyclonic Rift saw fringe play in competitive formats like Standard and Modern, but quickly became a staple for blue Commander decks everywhere — famous for causing tremendous blowouts and jeopardizing more than a few friendships.

The instant-speed bounce spell was reprinted in Commander 2014 and later in Modern Masters 2017, with the third reprinting coming in Double Masters. The latest printing introduces the card’s first new artwork, illustrated by Chuck Lukacs, and a new Showcase frame.