Control Decks Get New Tool In Inscription of Insight

Looking for a utility spell that can do a little bit of everything? Inscription of Insight has you covered!

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Gamespot, check out the latest piece of the new Inscription cycle in Zendikar Rising — Inscription of Insight!

Kicker 2UU
Choose one. If this spell was kicked, choose any number instead.

– Return up to two target creatures to their owner’s hands.

– Scry 2, then draw two cards.

– Target player creates an X/X blue Illusion creature token, where X is the number of cards in their hand.

Ignoring the kicker cost, for four mana you’re able to select from three different modes, making this spell relevant at every stage of the game. The final mode, which creates an X/X token, could even be considered a potential alternate win condition; something that every control player is keen on.

With kicker applied, Inscription of Insight becomes a powerful, mid-to-late game tool that can provide big swing turns when activating all three modes. While not instant-speed, look for Inscription of Insight to become a popular tool for blue-based Control decks in Zendikar Rising Standard.