Blue Gets New Take On Old Classic In Frantic Inventory

Core Set 2021 heard you like drawing cards, so Frantic Inventory will let you draw cards while drawing more cards.

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Trusted Reviews, check out Core Set 2021‘s updated take on a classic blue draw spell — Frantic Inventory.

While Frantic Inventory is an upgraded Take Inventory from Eldritch Moon, simply shifting from sorcery to instant, the card is an iteration of Accumulated Knowledge from Nemesis. An all-star from its days in Type 2 (what Standard was before its current name), Accumulated Knowledge also saw play in Legacy Miracles not that long ago.

The Inventory versions of the card vary from AK in that they only count your graveyard, so there won’t be any instances of Frantic Inventory drawing more than four cards, but graveyard or self-mill strategies can still take advantage of the newest version. If Izzet Phoenix decks come back to Standard, Frantic Inventory could be a solid addition. It could also find a home in decks in older formats with support from cards like Stitcher’s Supplier, Thought Scour, or any other deck looking to flip over its library.