Red Triples Down With Fiery Emancipation

Core Set 2021 gets an upgraded Furnace of Wrath!

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out the spiritual successor to Furnace of Wrath in Core Set 2021 — Fiery Emancipation!

Six mana may seem like a large investment for an enchantment that theoretically does nothing upon entering the battlefield, but often times we see effects that double damage, such as doublestrike or cards like Angrath’s Marauders, be very strong; So by that logic, tripling ANY source of damage you deal should just be game ending with the right combination of cards on the battlefield.

It’s likely that Fiery Emancipation won’t see much play in Standard, but with Commander’s deep card pool and more casual environment, expect to see some silliness with Fiery Emancipation in 100-card formats.

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