Blood Moon, Goblin Guide Return In Double Masters

Iconic red cards receive showcase frames for first time.

Blood Moon, illustrated by Franz Vohwinkel

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and MTG Goldfish, check out two quintessential red cards in Double Masters — Blood Moon and Goblin Guide!

Blood Moon has been reprinted seven times, but the box topper variant is just the fourth different art for the card. The mana-hosing enchantment debuted in The Dark and was reprinted in Chronicles before getting new art in Eighth Edition, which would then be used for Ninth Edition, Modern Masters: 2012, Modern Masters: 2017, and Masters 25. The Amonkhet Invocation art was just its third variant. Jim Pavelec did the art for the box topper with a new take on the very red card.

Blood Moon has put in work in Modern and Legacy, often coming as a knockout blow to three-color decks by locking them out of casting any other spells. Prison style decks from Gruul Land Destruction to Mono-Red Sneak Attack and Imperial Painter have all accelerated into the card for potential Turn 1 or Turn 2 virtual wins. Of course, the card has also seen play in sideboards of decks like Splinter Twin and Burn in Modern.

While Blood Moon likes to end games quickly one way, Goblin Guide shares that desire but in a much different fashion. This irreplaceable one-drop is the keystone to Burn decks in both Modern and Legacy.

It also shined in aggressive decks during its time in Standard after its original printing in Zendikar. Goblin Guide got the Grand Prix promo treatment with new art and different art in its reprint in Modern Masters: 2017.

Red Deck Wins
Patrick Sullivan
1st Place at Star City Games Standard Open on 03-06-2011

Mark Zug did the new art for the box topper, giving Goblin Guide its first showcase frame. It also includes new flavor text where most box toppers do away with flavor text.