All 30 Zendikar Rising Expeditions Unveiled

Check out all 30 Expeditions from Zendikar Rising.

Copperline Gorge, illustrated by Chris Ostrowski

One of the most hyped moments from the Zendikar Rising preview stream from yesterday was the announcing of the return of Expeditions. While they can’t be found in draft or set boosters like the original Expeditions in Battle For Zendikar, all 30 of the latest versions can be found in Collector Boosters and as Box Toppers in foil and non-foil editions.

We start with the ten fetchlands:

Then we got the five ally-colored Commander lands and the five ally-colored fastlands:

Lastly, we have ten lands ranging from all over Magic history:

If you’re looking for foil versions of these cards, you’ll want to be cracking packs of Collector Boosters. If non-foil is more your speed, the Box Toppers for displays of Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, and Collector Boosters have what you’re looking for.