2020 Judge Academy Promotional Cards Revealed

Check out the 2020 Judge Academy Promotional Cards!

Former Judge Community Manager at Wizards of the Coast, Sara Mox, unveiled the future of Judge Academy promotional cards today, showing off a set of four judge exclusive foils – Enlightened Tutor, Spellseeker, Demonic Tutor, and Gamble.

In addition to new artwork for each card, all Judge Academy promotional cards will be marked with a unique expansion symbol, which Mox referred to as “Archie the Owl”.

“[Archie] represents who you are to me and to the Magic community: wise, watchful teachers.” Mox said, referring to the Magic: The Gathering Judge community. “Magic judges have shaped who I am and who I will be, and I am so proud of the time I’ve spent supporting and being part of your community.

While the exact date in which these cards will be available is still unknown, Enlightened Tutor is confirmed to be the first in the set of four previewed and judges can expect to see the first wave of mailings in January of 2020.

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