Weekly MTG Previews All New Cards In Creative Energy Commander Deck From Modern Horizons 3

Use all of the energy in this Jeskai Commander deck from Modern Horizons 3

Flare of Fortitude illustrated by Kev Fang

Blake Rasmussen was joined by Reggie Valk, one of the lead designers for the Modern Horizons 3 Commander decks, to preview all of the new cards coming in the Creative Energy deck.

The Creative Energy deck is helmed by Satya, Aetherflux Genius.

The backup commander for the deck is Cayth, Famed Mechanist.

Let’s dive into the new cards coming in the deck.

We also got to see the reprints in the deck.

The full decklist, including cards from the main set of Modern Horizons 3 can be seen below.

Creative Energy Commander Deck
Wizards of the Coast
1st Place at Test deck on 05-28-2024
Magic Card Back

A cycle of 10 non-basic lands from the main set were also previewed. Check out the Landscapes that provide colorless mana, can fetch for one of three basics, and also cycle.

Modern Horizons 3 is scheduled to release on June 14. View our official preview gallery.