Weekly MTG Gives First Look At The Brothers’ War

Stream shows off previews, promos, and more from The Brothers’ War

Urza, Lord Protector
Urza, Lord Protector, illustrated by Ryan Pancoast

Blake Rasmussen hosted an information-filled episode of Weekly MTG today, capping it off with the first look at cards, characters, and promos coming in The Brothers’ War.

Check out everything you need to know about Pioneer Challenger decks, Game Night: Free-For-All decks, Alchemy: Dominaria previews, and Starter Commander decks below. Then buckle up for previews for The Brothers’ War.

Pioneer Challenger, Game Night: Free-For-All Decks Revealed

While the names of the Pioneer Challenger decks and the face cards for the Game Night: Free-For-All decks have been known for a while, we got to see the full decklists of all nine today. See the full breakdown of the Pioneer Challenger decks here and the Game Night decks here.

Notably, the Izzet Phoenix Pioneer Challenger deck has two copies of Arclight Phoenix, the Dimir Control deck has two copies of Torrential Gearhulk, the Gruul Stompy deck has two copies of Chandra, Torch of Defiance, and the Orzhov Humans deck has two copes if Mutavault. The Izzet Phoenix deck has two copies of Expressive Iteration, which is banned in Pioneer, but if the deck is played in its entirety it will be legal in the format.

Game Night: Free-For-All releases on October 14 while the Pioneer Challenger decks come out on November 4.

Starter Commander Decks

A new product aimed at introducing players to Commander will be released on December 2, the Starter Commander decks. Check out the face cards for the five decks — one for each allied color pair.

More information on the Starter Commander decks can be found here.

Alchemy: Dominaria Previews

The next Alchemy set will be coming to MTG Arena on October 6. Previews for Alchemy: Dominaria will roll out through October 2, starting with Oracle of the Alpha, a creature that lets you play with the Power 9 in Alchemy and Historic.

Here is where to find the upcoming previews for Alchemy: Dominaria.





More news on Historic, Alchemy, and Explorer will be coming on next week’s episode of Weekly MTG. Get more information on Alchemy: Dominaria here.

The Brothers’ War Previews

The battle of Urza and Mishra takes center stage of The Brothers’ War, the next Standard-legal Magic: The Gathering set scheduled to be released on November 18. Check out all the key dates for the set below.

First up, take a look at the two cycles of full-art basic lands coming in The Brothers’ War. These lands show off mechs that were used in the war.

The Buy-A-Box promo is up next. Take a look at the retro-frame version of Mishra’s Foundry, a slightly less powerful version of Mishra’s Factory.

The card will be in the main set with an extended art version.

The Bundle promo features a retro-frame version of Queen Kayla bin-Kroog, getting her first actual card.

Normal and extended-art versions of Queen Kayla bin-Kroog will also be available in the set.

The Game Day promos offer up Surge Engine and Recruitment Officer. Surge Engine is a new level-up type creature, similar to Figure of Destiny and Evolved Sleeper. Recruitment Officer is an incredibly powerful one-drop Human at uncommon.

Meld is returning in The Brothers’ War for three cards. The first card combines Urza, Lord Protector and The Mightstone and Weakstone.

They can be combined to form Urza, Planeswalker.

Mishra will be revealed on October 4 on the 30th Anniversary Kickoff stream starting at 9 AM ET.

Of course, The Brothers’ War will also feature two Commander decks as well. Check out the face cards for the Urza’s Iron Alliance and Mishra’s Burnished Banner decks.

For the first time, every card in the Commander decks will have retro frames. Check out six of the cards that will be included in the decks with the old frame.

A new special promo set of classic artifacts with retro frames will be introduced and available in Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, and Collector Boosters. These cards will not be legal in Standard and are somewhat similar to the Mystical Archive spells from Strixhaven: School of Mages. These cards show off retro artifacts throughout Magic’s history. They will also have schematic versions that feature art depicting a schematic an artificer would use to create the artifact.

And in another first for Magic, there will be serialized versions of these retro artifacts only available in Collector Boosters. These serialized versions have the retro frame, a special double rainbow foiling treatment, and have a collector No. on the art of 1/500.

Take note that the retro frame artifact classics have their own set symbol.

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