Two More Praetors, Battles, And More Revealed On Day Three Of March Of The Machine Previews

Praetors, Battles, and more new cards from MTG’s March of the Machine revealed

Vorinclex, illustrated by Daarken

Preview season rolls on for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, March of the Machine. Below you’ll find a gallery with each card previewed on Friday, March 31.

Invasion of Mercadia – Source

Omen Hawker – Source | Copper Host Crusher – Source

Vorinclex // The Grand Evolution – Source

Captive Weird // Compleated Conjurer – Source

Ayara, Widow of the Realm // Ayara, Furnace Queen – Source

Glistening Deluge – Source | Pile On – Source

Skyclave Aerialist // Skyclave Invader – Source

Invasion of Regatha // Disciples of the Inferno – Source

Mirrorshield Hoplite – Source | Elvish Vat Guardian – Source

Invasion of Alara // Awaken the Maelstrom – Source

Ozolith, Shattered Spire – Source | Gift of Compleation – Source

Invasion of Xerex // Vertex Paladin – Source

Seraph of New Capenna // Seraph of New Phyrexia – Source

Invasion of Innistrad // Deluge of the Dead – Source

Furnace Reins – Source | Xerex Strobe Knight – Source

Invasion of Kamigawa // Rooftop Saboteurs – Source

Sheoldred // The True Scriptures – Source

Invasion of Kaldheim // Pyre of the World Tree – Source

Invasion of Karsus // Refraction Elemental – Source

See Double – Source | Oracle of Tragedy – Source

Ancient Imperiosaur – Source | Deeproot Wayfinder – Source

Temporal Cleansing – Source | Dusk Legion Duelist – Source

Astral Wingspan – Source | Surge of Salvation – Source

Mutagen Connoisseur – Source: Official MTG Discord | Zimone and Dina – Source

Invasion of Segovia // Caetus, Sea Tyrant of Segovia – Source

March of the Machine is scheduled to release on April 21. View our official preview gallery.