Top Decks And Winners From SCG CON Hartford

Check out the winners and decklists from each major event at SCG CON Hartford

Kayo, Armed and Dangerous illustrated by Jessada Sutthi

SCG CON Hartford is in the books! Check out all the winners over the weekend and the decklists from the Magic: The Gathering events.

Calling Hartford

Mark Morrison won the Flesh and Blood Heavy Hitters Limited Calling on Sunday.

Morrison made it into the Top 8 with a record of 11-3 in the Swiss, taking the No. 8 seed. Surrounded by some of the strongest players in the game, Morrison drafted Kayo in the Top 8 draft and wound up being the lone player on the Brute.

Morrison defeated Yuanji Li in the quarterfinals and David Lee in the semis to reach the finals, where Cody Williams, the No. 7 seed awaited on Kassai. The finals went down to the wire, with Williams at 1 and Morrison at 2 life. On the final turn sequence, Morrison efficiently blocked out Williams’ attack then powered up a Bare Fangs to attack for 10 to take the match.

Morrison took home $5,000, a gold foil Balance of Justice, and a PTI for his efforts. Decklists will be available soon on the Flesh and Blood decklists page.

Battle Hardened

Yuki Lee Bender won the Classic Constructed Battle Hardened on Sunday with Kayo, Armed and Dangerous.

Bender went a clean 11-0 through the Swiss and Top 8 to win one of the first major Classic Constructed events following the release of Heavy Hitters. Bender showed off one of the new heroes from the set, the first adult version of Kayo, brandishing new cards like Apex Bonebreaker, Cast Bones, Assault and Battery, Clash of Agility, No Fear, Runner Runner, and Agile Windup.

The former Canadian National Champion bashed through a Levia and Bravo on her way to the finals, where she beat Majin Bae on Kano, Dracai of Aether. Bender won $500, a gold foil legendary prize card, a PTI, and an exclusive playmat for first place. Decklists will be available soon on the Flesh and Blood website, but you can find her list on social media.

Modern $10K (Saturday)

Jeff White won the first of two Magic: The Gathering Modern $10Ks on the weekend with Temur Rhinos.

White won the 355-person event with the most-played deck in the field, which also posted a 55 percent win rate in the tournament. Four of the Top 16 players registered Temur Rhinos. The second-most popular deck, Amulet Titan, also put up a strong win rate and took four of the Top 16 slots. White defeated Ryan Mullens on Five-Color Creativity in the finals and both players earned invites to the Regional Championship in Dallas.

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Modern $10K (Sunday)

Jack Heine won the second of two Modern $10Ks at SCG CON Hartford with Amulet Titan.

Temur Rhinos and Amulet Titan put up strong results once again, but the field looked a bit different with Burn and Golgari Yawgmoth tied as the second-most played deck. Heine defeated Sam Bogue on Temur Rhinos in the finals, with both players earning invites to the Regional Championship in Dallas.

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cEDH $5K

Adam Stahl won the cEDG $5K with Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator and Vial Smasher the Fierce.

Malcolm and Vial Smasher
Adam Stahl
1st Place at SCG CON cEDH 5K on 02-03-2024
Magic Card Back

Stahl defeated the final pod that also featured Christopher Gonzalez playing Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer, Max Molinari playing Thrasios, Triton Hero and Vial Smasher the Fierce, and Sam K playing Tymna, the Weaver and Thrasios, Triton Hero.

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Legacy $1K

Guilherme Campellon won the Legacy $1K on Friday with Reanimator.

Campellon beat Ryan Mullens on Rakdos Cauldron, a creature combo deck that utilizes four copies of Broadside Bombardiers from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander set.

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PreModern $1K

EB Pitt won the first PreModern $1K in SCG CON history with Mono-Red Aggro.

Pitt won the 40-person event, defeating Trenton Bollinger on Goblins in the finals.

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SCG CON returns with more Magic: The Gathering and Flesh and Blood action in Philadelphia on March 8-10.