Synergies And Combos Of MTG’s Murders At Karlov Manor Limited

Little tricks and combos can have a big impact on your Murders at Karlov Manor Limited games. Andy “Icky” Ferguson shows you a dozen of his favorites.

Greenbelt Radical
Greenbelt Radical, illustrated by Andreia Ugrai

I’ve really been enjoying Murders at Karlov Manor so far, and it feels like there’s plenty more to learn. For now, I wanted to share some of the more noteworthy synergies I’ve discovered, and hope to impart some of them straight through your Thinking Cap

Insidious Roots and Gravestone Strider

Insidious Roots Gravestone Strider

Insidious Roots has the potential to be incredibly powerful, as well as the possibility for dramatic failure. While repeatable collect evidence triggers, like Evidence Examiner, are optimal for growing your Plant horde, I’ve been very impressed with Gravestone Strider. The Golem can help fix your mana, especially if you’re splashing Insidious Roots itself, but the activated ability (when in your graveyard) enables up to two Insidious Roots triggers. By targeting another creature in your graveyard, the Strider can lead to some huge blowouts if your opponent isn’t aware of the instant-speed potential!

Dog Walker and Neighborhood Guardian

Dog Walker Neighborhood Guardian

This is probably the most common combo I’ve encountered/played on the list. Neighborhood Guardian becomes a nice pseudo-pump spell when flipping the Dog Walker, providing two +1/+1 triggers from a very cute Unicorn at instant speed!

Greenbelt Radical and Hustle // Bustle

Greenbelt Radical Hustle

If you turn your head sideways enough, Bustle has a piece of text that is often overlooked that allows you to flip a disguised creature for free. Flipping Greenbelt Radical when casting Bustle might be overkill, but it certainly makes a statement.

Case of the Shattered Pact and A Killer Among Us

Case of the Shattered Pact A Killer Among Us

Case of the Shattered Pact is an absolute powerhouse when solved, and it’s not as difficult to solve as it looks. With the cycle of multicolored disguise creatures, Detective tokens (blue/white), Person of Interest, or A Killer Among Us (four colors!), cracking the Case is easily achievable in two- or three-color decks with a can-do attitude!

Detective’s Satchel and Benthic Criminologists

Detective's Satchel Benthic Criminologists

If the circumstances line up, Detective’s Satchel and Benthic Criminologists can warp a game. Sacrificing a Thopter while attacking with the 4/5 to draw lets you pull a new Thopter out of the Satchel. Something, something, circle of life.

Curious Cadaver and Chalk Outline

Curious Cadaver Chalk Outline

While mana-intensive, this is a nice little synergy for grindy decks. Sacrificing a Clue to return Curious Cadaver to your hand will create a 2/2 and a new Clue for the next time the Cadaver stops by the graveyard.

Case of the Pilfered Proof and Case File Auditor

Case of the Pilfered Proof Case File Auditor

I’m not sure how often a true Detective deck comes together in order to play Case of the Pilfered Proof. I’ve had one Detective deck thus far, and speaking from experience, sequencing this Case into Turn 3 Case File Auditor as a 2/5 that can trigger again when this case is solved is extremely powerful.

Presumed Dead and Riftburst Hellion

Presumed Dead Riftburst Hellion

I haven’t seen Presumed Dead do anything exciting yet, but one of the best things to do with it is to cast it on an expensive disguised creature. When the creature returns, it will be face up! Poof, magic!

Buried in the Garden and Forensic Researcher

Buried in the Garden Forensic Researcher

These cards end up in the same deck more often than I would have guessed. I feel like I’m always playing Buried in the Garden, even splashing for it at times. With Forensic Researcher untapping your new garden, you gain a huge mana advantage, which is extremely powerful in this mana-intensive set.

Case of the Filched Falcon and Gleaming Geardrake

Case of the Filched Falcon Gleaming Geardrake

This sequence just feels so smooth. Enabling a Turn 3 4/4 flying, attacking Clue token is not only powerful, it just feels right.

Slimy Dualleech and Snarling Gorehound

Slimy Dualleech Snarling Gorehound

I’ve enjoyed black aggressive decks featuring Snarling Gorehound, which most often end up Orzhov. Gorehound typically gets a lot of damage through before your opponent can block it, and once Slimy Dualleech hits the battlefield, the blocks become even less appealing.

Harried Dronesmith and Cornered Crook

Harried Dronesmith Cornered Crook

Cornered Crook has been less exciting than I initially anticipated, as there are fewer artifacts lying around that you’re happy to sacrifice. Harried Dronesmith provides an appropriately ill-fated Thopter, as well as a nice Turn 4, Turn 5 sequence. 

I’m sure there are plenty of cool interactions I have yet to find, but I’ll keep my Magnifying Glass out!

Lose and Learn, Learn and Win!