See All MTG Fallout Collector Booster Exclusive Cards

Take a look at all the Collector Booster exclusive cards from Fallout

All of the cards from the Magic: The Gathering — Fallout set have been revealed, including those only available in Collector Boosters. While Collector Boosters contain Booster Fun treatments, extended-art versions, traditional foil, and surge foil variants of the cards from the Commander Decks, they also have a handful of reprints with special treatments only found in Collector Boosters. All of the cards in the Commander Decks use the default card frame and treatment (other than the traditional foil and foil etched versions of the face card and featured commander for the decks), but their Booster Fun and foil variants can be opened in Collector Boosters. Check out the Collector Booster exclusives below.

Showcase Pip-Boy

Nine of the Showcase Pip-Boy treatments show up on reprints of cards that do not appear in any of the Commander Decks. These cards all have a similar format to the original Godzilla cards from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths with the name of the original Magic: The Gathering card under the Universes Beyond name.

The other 17 Showcase Pip-Boy treatments are alternate versions of cards that show up in the Commander Decks. While these variants are only available in Collector Boosters, players can get normal versions of these 17 cards by buying the Commander Deck they appear in.

Borderless Vault Boy

Eight of the nine Borderless Vault Boy treatments are reprints, with the only new card receiving the treatment being Nuka-Cola Vending Machine. Five of these treatments do not have normal versions in the Commander Decks.

Each Commander Deck has a normal version of Arcane Signet, Command Tower, and Sol Ring, but Nuka-Cola Vending Machine only appears with a normal version in the Science! Commander Deck. Like the other five Borderless Vault Boy treatments, players can only open them from Collector Boosters.

Fallout is scheduled to release on March 8. View our official gallery.