Red Gets Treasure-Making Two-Drop From The Big Score In Outlaws Of Thunder Junction

Generous Plunderer shares the wealth while beating down with menace

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out one of the cards from The Big Score from Outlaws of Thunder Junction — Generous Plunderer!

Generous Plunderer is going to score big one way or another, whether by ramping with Treasure tokens or burning an opponent when it attacks. This 2/2 with menace for two mana is already a pretty generous deal, but it gets better!

When Generous Plunderer creates a Treasure token for you, it shares the riches by giving an opponent a tapped Treasure token (while committing a crime if you’re into that sort of thing). Giving out Treasure tokens is a nice way to get some extra damage in, as when it attacks, it deals damage to defending player equal to the number of artifacts they control. Don’t forget Generous Plunderer is also a Rogue, so it falls under the Outlaw group that will certainly want to team up with this aggressive creature.

Generous Plunderer has an extended-art variant and a Vault treatment for those looking to plunder with style. Generous Plunderer can show up in Play Boosters in The List slot or in Collector Boosters. And as a card from The Big Score, Generous Plunderer will be legal in Standard.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is scheduled to release on April 19. View our official preview gallery.