Ravnica Remastered To Have Serialized Shock Lands And Other Iconic Cards

Check out the first three previewed serialized cards coming in Ravnica Remastered

Steam Vents illustrated by Rob Alexander

Ravnica Remastered will be the next set Magic: The Gathering set to bring back serialized cards.

The Magic: The Gathering account posted an image on X of serialized versions of Birds of Paradise, Niv-Mizzet Parun, and Steam Vents — all in retro frame and foil. It looks like there will be 500 serialized card each and that they will only be available in Collector Boosters.

The majority of Ravnica Remastered will be previewed on the episode of Weekly MTG on December 12 at 10 AM PT at twitch.tv/magic. Ravnica Remastered is another set in the line of remastered products bringing fan-favorite reprints along with special booster fun treatments and a new draft experience. Cards from all three previous Ravnica blocks will be included.

It’s safe to assume all 10 shock lands will have serialized versions, but what other iconic cards could get the special treatment?

Ravnica Remastered  is scheduled to release on January 12.