Potential Warhammer Secret Lair Deck Boxes Leaked

Product listings of what could be Warhammer 40K Commander deck boxes appear on Reddit.

Images of listings of Ultra Pro deckboxes for a potential Warhammer 40K Secret Lair product surfaced on the Magic TCG Subreddit today.

User startrouble posted a screenshot from Miniature Market showing multiple listings for deck boxes named “Ultra Pro Deck Box: Secret Lair: Warhammer 40K.”

The Ultra Pro website shows a listing for a similar item, though it doesn’t have the Secret Lair name and instead mentions it is a Commander deckbox that can hold 100 double-sleeved cards. It also seems to list multiple versions like the above image. The Ultra Pro listing, however, doesn’t have a price like the Miniature Market page.

Magic’s Secret Lair products have already made crossovers with Street Fighter and League of Legends, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more information coming soon from Wizards of the Coast on a Warhammer 40K drop.

What do you think could be coming in a potential Warhammer 40K Secret Lair?