Post Malone Magic Battle Announces Contestant, Key Event Details

A date has been set and Post Malone’s opponent has been selected! Here’s what you need to know ahead of the big MTG showdown.

Last week, the Magic community was abuzz over the upcoming Post Malone x Whatnot collaboration, which sought one lucky user to battle Post in a game of Commander for $100K. After a brief hiccup with the Whatnot platform, a contender has been selected and a date set for the event.

Whatnot user r6_kyle was selected from among the massive live-stream audience, and has reportedly already begun training with Magic Hall of Famer, Reid Duke.

The action is slated to begin this Thursday, August 11 at 5 PM PT, starting with an hour-long pre-game show, hosted by Josh Lee Kwai and Jimmy Wong of The Command Zone. The pregame show will reportedly feature special guests like The Professor of Tolarian Community College, plus plenty of chances to win cool prizes.

The main event will then follow at 6 PM PT, where Kyle and Post Malone will battle in a Best-of-Three Commander showdown. Decklists for each player have yet to be released, however you can follow the site for more updates and watch the livestream either here or by downloading the Whatnot app.