Team Up With Reid Duke To Play A Game Of MTG Against Post Malone For $100K

Could you beat Post Malone at Magic to win $100K?

Live shopping app, Whatnot, has teamed up with Post Malone for a unique promotion with a big prize.

On August 4, Post Malone will select one lucky viewer from his live stream who will have the opportunity to battle him in a winner-takes-all game of Magic: The Gathering for $100K. Even if the lucky competitor doesn’t have an MTG background, they won’t be at a disadvantage, as they’ll get one-on-one coaching from Magic Hall-of-Famer, Reid Duke.

To enter for a chance to play, you’ll need to first download the Whatnot app, then be present in the live stream chat starting at 6 PM (9 PM ET) on August 4.

The format for the promotion has yet to be revealed.