Parallel Lives, Stranglehold Set As Next MTG Judge Academy Promos

Parallel Lives and Stranglehold get new promo versions.

Parallel Lives illustrated by Steve Prescott

The Judge Academy Twitter account announced the next two promo cards that will be given out at judge conferences starting this weekend.

Check out the new promo versions of Parallel Lives and Stranglehold!

Both cards are Commander staples and are getting their first new-art reprints. Parallel Lives was first printed in Innistrad while Stranglehold debuted in Commander: 2011 Edition. Greg Staples illustrated Parallel Lives while Ralph Horsley tackled Stranglehold.

The art on the new version of Stranglehold even depicts art from Streets of New Capenna, featuring art and flavor text from Jetmir, the head of the Cabaretti crime family.

The two new promos will be available in Quarter 2, which runs from April 1 – June 30. Find physical and digital judge conferences on the Judge Academy website.