Nguyen, Temur Rhinos, Wins Denver Regional Championship

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Shardless Agent illustrated by Mila Pesic

Minh Nguyen won the US Regional Championship with Temur Rhinos in Denver, Colorado on Sunday.

Minh Nguyen

Nguyen went 12-2 in the Swiss to make the Top 8 of the 1,331-person event as the No. 6 seed. Nguyen defeated Jacob Koshak on Four-Color Control (Kaheera) in the quarterfinals and Andrew Vorel on Five-Color Creativity in the semis to reach the finals, punching his ticket to the Magic World Championship. Aiden Lamson, on Living End, awaited in the finals, also earning a trip to Worlds by beating Alessandro Smith and Devon Straub in the quarters and semis, respectively.

The finals went the distance, with Nguyen battling through two copies of Living End from Lamson in Game 3. Timely copies of Endurance were able to break up the powerful sorcery without a mana cost and leave Nguyen with a workable battlefield. Nguyen’s pressure and disruption in the forms of free-pitch Elementals and Mystical Dispute allowed him to clinch the win, trophy, and $30,000 top prize.

The Modern metagame shook out as expected, with the exception of the breakout Domain Rhinos build that materialized over the few days prior to the event and had a 63 percent win rate in the hands of 15 players. The established version of Temur Rhinos was the most played deck, followed by Golgari Yawgmoth, Amulet Titan, Rakdos Evoke, Living End, and Izzet Murktide.

DeckCopiesPercentage of FieldWin Percentage
Temur Rhinos26319.848.4
Golgari Yawgmoth15511.751.3
Amulet Titan1138.549.7
Rakdos Evoke866.448.4
Living End735.555.3
Izzet Midrange695.251.8
Domain Zoo53452.9
Five-Color Creativity423.154.2
Four-Color Control392.950.8
Hardened Scales382.846.8
Mono-Green Tron352.644.8
Azorius Control282.150.4
Mono-White Hammer211.544
Domain Rhinos151.163.2

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Ulysse Paradis won the F2F Tour Championship with Living End in Ottawa, Canada on Sunday.

Ulysse Paradis

Paradis defeated Patrick Wu on Azorius Control (Kaheera) in the finals to win $4,200. Both finalists earned invites to the next Magic World Championship.

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Yoshihiko Ikawa won the Champions Cup Final with Living End in Chiba, Japan on Sunday.

Yoshihiko Ikawa

Ikawa defeated Atsushi Nakashima on Temur Rhinos in the finals. Ikawa and Nakashima also earned invites to Worlds.

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