New Version Of MTG Playtest Cards Coming Soon

Brand-new type of playtest card features pre-existing card

Counterspell illustrated by Mark Poole

A new version of Magic: The Gathering playtest cards appear to be coming, according to an article from Wizards of the Coast (WotC).

While the article leads to more questions than answers, it clarifies this version of a playtest card is created in a brand-new way, unlike the ones seen in Mystery Booster products or Gavin Verhey’s special events at MagicCons. Check out the playtest version of Counterspell that will be the first of these types of cards you will see in the wild.

Previous playtest cards seen in Mystery Booster packs use black and white illustrations with colored mana symbols and frame edges, while this version has the art from the original Counterspell from Alpha.

Sliv-Mizzet, Hivemind One With Death Slivdrazi Monstrosity

The article also states that while Counterspell is legal in tournaments, this playtest version will not be, which could mean it doesn’t have a Magic: The Gathering back. The other tidbit of information on this playtest card is the “SCTLR” code in the bottom left and the “SL PLAYTEST” text at the bottom of the card, hinting at a possible Secret Lair inclusion.

Speculators are predicting this type of a playtest card could show up in future Collector Boosters, a Secret Lair drop, or be used as a promo card for special events. What do you think of this type of card? Where will it show up? Let us know what you think in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Read the original article from WotC.