New MTG Culling The Weak Promo To Release With Manga

First reprint of card from Exodus included with volume of Destroy All Humanity. They Cannot Be Regenerated

Culling the Weak illustrated by Scott M. Fischer

The Japanese Magic: The Gathering account on X, formerly known as Twitter, made a post today unveiling a promo version of Culling the Weak that will be available soon with the purchase of a popular manga.

The common instant from Exodus has never been reprinted, but this promo version will be traditional foil and use the original art from Scott M. Fischer. Players can order Volume 14 of the manga “Destroy All Humanity. They Cannot Be Regenerated.” to receive a copy of the promo.

Culling the Weak

The comic, published by KADOKAWA, will release on December 26 and is 194 pages long. To order in the United States, make an account on Amazon Japan and order from the link. It’ll cost about $21 and preorders are limited to six per person.

Destroy All Humanity. They Cannot Be Regenerated is a manga written by Katsura Ise and illustrated by Takuma Yokota that follows two high school rivals that grow closer over games of Magic: The Gathering set in the late 1990s.