New Firebreathing Tyrant Dragon Brings The Heat In The Brothers’ War

MTG’s The Brothers’ War introduces new rare, firebreathing Dragon

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) take a look at the newest in a long line of fire-breathing Dragons from The Brothers’ War — Tyrant of Kher Ridges!

A six-mana 4/5 with flying, Tyrant of Kher Ridges’ base stats are slightly lower than the Tyrant Dragons of yore, but it makes up for it, not only with a powerful enter the battlefield trigger, but also firebreathing!

Whenever Tyrant of Kher Ridges enters the battlefield (ETB), you’ll get to deal four damage to any target, and being that this ability isn’t tied to being cast, any reanimation spell or blink effect can trigger it as well. While less exciting than the ETB ability, firebreathing is fantastic mana sink that allows your Dragon to become a potentially game-ending threat.

In Limited, Tyrant of Kher Ridges is an absolute house of a curve-topper and a fun addition to Dragon tribal in Commander. Paying six mana to deal four damage is rather expensive for a creature in constructed formats, especially with no way to protect itself from removal, but only time will tell what impact it will have.

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The Brothers’ War is scheduled to release on November 18. Check out our official preview gallery here.