New Capenna’s The List Will Include Special Golden Age Card, MTG Versions Of Secret Lair x Stranger Things

All the details you need to know about The List updates for MTG’s Streets of New Capenna

Rafiq of the Many, illustrated by Michael Komarck

Here is a series of updates for Magic: The Gathering’s The List, including a special Golden Age variant card and more.

What is The List?

The List is a rotating series of 300 cards “picked from across Magic‘s history” and slipped into Set Boosters packs, appearing in the pack’s final slot at a rate of approximately 25%. Cards from The List were first featured in Zendikar Rising Set Boosters, and continue to be included leading up to Streets of New Capenna. You can view the cards featured in previous versions of The List below.

Note: Cards that appear in The List are not made legal in Standard if they were not legal before.

What’s Changing in Streets of New Capenna?

The List for Streets of New Capenna will feature 68 cards (down from 300) to accommodate the addition of the Magic versions of the Secret Lair x Stranger Things cards.

This is the first time these cards will be available outside of the initial Secret Lair drop, and each card will have new, Magic artwork. The other 58 cards on The List for this set were chosen to “complement the narrative and mechanical themes of the set.”

Also included in The List, is a new chase card, featuring the set’s golden age treatment — Rafiq, of the Many.

For more information on The List for Streets of New Capenna including the new additions, subtractions, and the full breakdown, read the original article from Wizards of the Coast.