My Favorite Magic Things From 2022

From minimalist MTG lands to fancy foils and cool crossovers, Chase Carroll shares their Top 10 favorite things in Magic for 2022.

The Swarmlord
The Swarmlord, illustrated by Antonio José Manzanedo

Did you know that Oprah releases a list of her favorite things every year around the holidays? While I’m no Oprah, I thought it would be fun to share with you all some of my favorite things the lovely folks at Wizards of the Coast (WotC) have given us in 2022. From specific products to specific printings, there’s a lot of cardboard to be thankful for this holiday season. 

10. Commander Collection: Black

It’s crazy to think that the Commander Collection: Black was released in 2022. It feels like eons ago if I’m being honest. I adore this product for the amazing reprints it holds. Ophiomancer, Phyrexian Arena, Toxic Deluge, heck, even the elusive 1/1 black Snake token with deathtouch! What has this product in my #10 spot is that the foils were rather elusive, as they were limited to WPN premium stores only. Despite this, I adore the reprints this collection holds. 

9. Completion of the Triomes

Jetmir's Garden

We finally got there!! The cycle of Triomes was finally completed in Streets of New Capenna. I mean, sure, they weren’t called Triomes, and yeah, they were a bit off the mark in terms of flavor, but I was incredibly excited to have the cycle completed so quickly. The multiple art treatments of these gorgeous lands, particularly the borderless variations, are why they land at #9.

8. Full Arts and Reprints of Double Masters 2 

Dockside Extortionist

When I tell you it was hard to place this product, I mean it. I adored everything about Double Masters 2. The art and reprints were absolutely everything to me. I still cannot get over Dockside Extortionist and the Richard Kane Ferguson alternate arts. How could I not love this product?! The singles are relatively affordable, and the booster packs were a blast to open; however, I rate this product #8 on my list because of how expensive it was to snag a box. You know the saying, though! Buy singles! 

7. The Entirety of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Discover the Impossible

Do I really need to say more? Everything about Neon Dynasty was a smashing success. The story, the worldbuilding, the flavor, the card design! Literally everything was amazing! However, I really wish we stayed there a bit longer so that we could flesh things out more. That, and the multitude of frames and card treatments overwhelmed me. 

6. Warhammer 40,000 Precons

The Swarmlord

I was extremely skeptical when I heard that we were going to be getting Warhammer 40,000 themed Commander precons. I know absolutely nothing about Warhammer or its extensive lore, but I do know good deck design when I see it. These precons are jaw-droppingly amazing. The reprint quality in them was enough for me to buy every one of them. Darkness, Caged Sun, Talisman of Progress, Chromatic Lantern! The list goes on! 

Reprints aside, I love the way these precons flow. Each deck synergizes so well and is a blast to play. Hats off to the designers who were able to take something many Magic fans knew nothing about and make them completely obsessed with it. 

5. Matt Jukes Secret Lair

I know a lot of people wouldn’t agree with me on this, but I absolutely adore the Matt Jukes Secret Lair. Originally part of the April Superdrop, this small collection of checklands was eclipsed by the likes of Magali Villeneuve and Sidharth Chaturvedi. When I saw these in person, however, they quickly stole the show. Every time I play these checklands, I get major compliments on them. They are a lot more vivid in person. Their simplicity is such a stark contrast from what we typically see in Magic art and is such a breath of fresh air. I absolutely love this Secret Lair and recommend snagging them if possible.

4. Full Art Basics

Let’s be honest: the full art basics have been absolutely crazy lately. From the woodblock lands of Kamigawa to the skyscraper skylines of New Capenna, I find myself getting more excited to pull one of these than a rare in a booster pack. My two personal favorites as of late have been the space lands from Unfinity and the stained-glass basics from Dominaria. Magali Mountains, are you kidding me?! Each time a set drops, the bar keeps getting raised more and more. I cannot wait to see the basics when we finally return to Phyrexia. 

3. Galaxy Foil Treatments

I’ve been really enjoying how WotC has been experimenting with different card treatments. Etched, Gilded, and Surge foils have been a few of note; however, my personal favorite comes from Unfinity. When I say that I fell in love with the Galaxy foils, I mean it. Wow, they are gorgeous in person. In fact, it is my new favorite foil treatment. Heck, I even bought an entire Secret Lair because of how much I love that treatment. I couldn’t help but place it in my top three favorite things!

2. Kelogsloops Secret Lair

Never did I think we would see a foil printing of Mystic Remora, let alone one with such gorgeous art. Up until this Secret Lair printing, I had never heard of Kelogsloops, but once I saw their work, I was hooked. I purchased this drop as soon as I could and regret nothing. From the stunning art of Burgeoning to the cool and calm blues of Retreat to Coralhelm, this Secret Lair has value in spades. Reprints and beautiful art work together to create an amazing product I get compliments on all the time when seen from across the battlefield. 

1. Pride Secret Lair

When I saw the Pride Secret Lair, I saw myself. I saw the nonbinary flag front and center in the art of Sol Ring. I saw trans representation in the art of Alesha, gay marriage depicted in Savor the Moment, and a Pride parade in Collective Voyage. Won’t lie, I teared up when I saw this product previewed. That representation mattered so much to me and so many other members of the Magic community. Everything about this product is amazing, and my only regret is that I only purchased one. 


It was honestly difficult to limit this list to just ten items. This year has truly been amazing for exciting Magic products. Looking at 2023, I can only feel excitement. Let me know what you think of my favorites from this year and if you have any favorites of your own! Happy holidays, deckbuilders!