MTG Holiday 2022 Promo Is A Unique Twist On Fan-Favorite Commander Card

New MTG holiday card reflects the fun, chaotic nature of the holiday season

Chaos Warp, illustrated by Trevor Claxton

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has revealed the 2022 MTG Holiday promo card — Chaos Wrap!

The tradition of Holiday promo cards began in 2006 with Fruitcake Elemental and has continued ever since. Oftentimes, these cards are fun spinoffs of real Magic cards, such as No Mercy and Snow Mercy, and Mishra’s Workshop and Mishra’s Toy Workshop.

This year’s promo is a play on the fan-favorite Commander card Chaos Warp, keeping the permanent shuffling text and adding a new “wrap” sub-game. To wrap, players put the card inside lots of sleeves and if it would be dealt damage or be destroyed, you remove a sleeve from it.

What do you think of this year’s promo? How many sleeves do you think you could fit it in?