New Exclusive MTG Promos Unveiled For Japanese Store Events

More promo cards coming to local game stores in Japan

Japanese stores running Planeswalker Friendly Match events during the Spring will have new promo cards for players.

Players participating in the Standard Planeswalker Friendly Matches receive a foil copy of Ruby, Daring Tracker with alternate art by Mitsuaki Matsumoto. Winners of the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament that follows the PFM event take home a foil copy of Realm-Scorcher Hellkite with art by Susumu Kuroi. The Spring Season for PFM events runs from April 12- June 30. More details on the PFM events and prizes can be found here.

In July, stores can run a Standard event that awards zodiac promo Mountains for Top 8 competitors.

More info on additional promos and Japan-only store events be found here.