More Cards From Outlaws Of Thunder Junction’s The Big Score And Breaking News Revealed

Check out all the MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Big Score and Breaking News cards previewed on April 2.

This Town Ain’t Big Enough, illustrated by Andrew Mar

Preview season for Magic: The Gathering’s newest set – Outlaws of Thunder Junction – has begun! Below you’ll find each card from The Big Score and Breaking News previewed from Tuesday, April 2.

The Big Score

Loot, the Key to Everything – Source | Lotus Ring – Source

Grand Abolisher – Source | Rest in Peace – Source

Memory Vessel – Source | Worldwaker Helm – Source

Pest Control – Source | Omenpath Journey – Source

Esoteric Duplicator – Source

Substitute Synthesizer – Source | Legion Foundry – Source

Breaking News

Overwhelming Forces – Source | Decisive Denial – Source

Vanishing Verse – Source | Imp’s Mischief – Source

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is scheduled to release on April 19. View our official preview gallery.