Magic’s Newest Heroes Of The Realm Promos For 2022 Revealed

Meet the newest Heroes of the Realm promotional card – a planeswalking unicorn!

The Cinematic Phoenix, illustrated by Chuck Lukacs

The latest Heroes of the Realm promos, handed out in very limited quantities to Wizards of the Coast (WotC) staff, have been revealed — Ersta, Friend to All, Byode, Inverse Sun, and Andrios, Roaming Explorer!

First shared to the MagicTCG subreddit by user SwagFondue, Ersta, Friend to All is the latest card in the Heros of the Realm – a yearly collection promotional cards given out to WotC employees as tokens of appreciation. Byode, Iverse Sun was also shared to the subreddit by WotC employee Royal Coat. Andrios, Roaming Explorer revealed on Reddit by user therealNWGameDad.

These cards are most recognizable by their non-MTG card back, and are not legal for play in most formats. Currently, the only exception for legal play is in Commander, with the strict rule that they may only be used by the person who’s name is commemorated on the card and only if they are the one who directly received the card.

Ersta, Friend to All was illustrated by Winona Nelson, and in the case of this particular copy, appears to be dedicated to WotC staff member Jontelle Levson-Smith and is in commemoration of the work done by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion crew.

Byode was illustrated by Dominik Mayer and is dedicated to Hanspeter Zieglet for their work on Universes Beyond. Observant Reddit users also pointed out that Byode, Inverse Sun is an anagram of “Universes Beyond” and has a blue-black (UB) casting cost.

You can view the Heroes of the Realm cards from past years below.