Karn Gets Revenge, Teferi Returns To Zhalfir As March Of The Machine Story Concludes

See how the March of the Machine story comes to an end with the final two episodes

Illustrated by Chris Rallis

The conclusion of the March of the Machine story has been published, filling in readers on the fate of multiverse along with which key characters made it out alive.

Episode 9 shows flashes of other planes confirming Atraxa was killed under the demolition of Park Heights on New Capenna and Kaya slaughtered the compleated Heliod on Theros under the protection of angels.

Illustrated by Chris Rallis

From there we go back to New Phyrexia where Teferi notes that Zhalfir and New Phyrexia are swapping places in the multiverse. Vorinclex attacks Teferi, but he is saved by Shella, an Askari warrior who decapitates the praetor with a single swing of a sword. Elspeth plans to go after Nissa and tells Teferi to hold off Jin-Gitaxias and Elesh Norn with the Mirran and accompanying armies.

Teferi and the resistance fire magic at Norn only for Jin-Gitaxias to show up and turn on Norn. Ajani attempts to protect Elesh Norn from the onslaught but is captured and taken alive. A member of the Mirran warclan kills Jin-Gitaxias, eliminating another praetor from the roster. Elspeth knocks out Nissa with a blow from the hilt of her sword, leaving Chandra to catch her in an attempt to bring her home to save her.

Illustrated by Scott Murphy

Elesh Norn, legless and broken, tries to escape through a portal, but Karn gets his revenge. Karn’s magic destroys Norn by disintegrating her metal, leaving her corpse to burn to nothing. The only trace of Elesh Norn’s remains are a red smear on the ground. Episode 9 concludes with Teferi, Karn, and the others returning to Zhalfir through a portal.

Episode 10 mirrors Episode 9 in starting with flashes of other planes. We see Nashi, Tamiyo’s son, return to his father with Tamiyo’s memory form on Kamigawa, Tyvar kill a Phyrexian serpent (most likely Koma) and emerge from under water to reunite with his brother on Kaldheim, and Pia survive her attackers on Kaladesh as the Phyrexians start dropping dead all around her.

Illustrated by Gaboleps

On Zhalfir, Teferi plants an acorn that he found where Wrenn died and reflects on her saving the multiverse by finding Zhalfir and then swapping it and New Phyrexia’s place. Teferi checks on the wounded and sees the almost lifeless bodies of Nissa and Ajani surrounded by Chandra, Koth, Karn, and Kaya. The two compleated planeswalkers have been asleep for days and might not wake up now that New Phyrexia is unreachable and there is no way for the plane or Norn to send signals through the oil.

Kaya gets everyone up to speed on the other planes and how they are recovering. Liliana and Vivien are all right, Kaito is helping the Wanderer rebuild in Kamigawa, but there is still no sign of Jace or Vraska.

Melira’s chest wound is proving to be fatal and her time is short. She has a plan to try to save Nissa and Ajani, but it will require multiple sacrifices. Teferi slows time so that this plan can be carried out within the actual time of about a breath. Melira sacrifices herself to inoculate Nissa and Ajani by cleansing away the oil, while Karn has to give up the remainder of Venser’s spark so that he can filter the sparks of Nissa and Ajani with it, then replacing the sparks back in their bodies.

Illustrated by Viko Menezes

Melira dies, but her plan was a success as the story ends with Ajani and Nissa waking up surrounded by their allies on a Dominaria united that now includes Zhalfir once again.

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