Hidden Code Discovered In Murders At Karlov Manor’s Borderless Spy Lands

Reddit sleuths discover hidden message in Murders at Karlov Manor lands

Cult Guildmage, illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez

A Reddit user has discovered a code, hidden in the artwork on the borderless variant versions of the Murders at Karlov Manor spy lands.

Shared to the MagicTCG subreddit by user qwertycat2990, when placed side-by-side, the cards form a panoramic image that spells out the code: “RNA32X5+4.” Reddit user BACEXXXXXX added to the conversation, pointing out that “RNA” is the set code that corresponds to Ravnica Allegiance, and 32×5+4 equals 164. Card 164 in Ravnica Allegiance is Cult Guildmage.

Cult Guildmage

If the artwork on Cult Guildmage is the clue, we can assume Jace is alive and/or the Cult of Rakdos is somehow involved.

In the seventh installment of the Murders at Karlov Manor story, Detective Proft and Etrata visit Izoni in Golgari territory, and while there, Proft notices a cloaked figure lurking in the shadows. He gives chase, only to be knocked unconscious seemingly out of no where. When he comes to, he is in a dream-like state, where he is speaking to the same cloaked figure inside his head. The unknown assailant is seen digging through Proft’s thoughts in the form of files, but when Proft asks the figure if they are the killer, they respond by denying any involvement and states that “Ravnica is just a waypoint” and that they are “just passing through”, implying they may be a planeswalker. The mysterious figure is also using an obvious voice modification device/magic.

Combining the clues from the land panoramic and the story, the facts look something like this:

  • Puppet Jace artwork
  • Rakdos involvement
  • Cloaked figure
    • Was only seen in Golgari territory (Jace’s partner is Vraska, former Golgari queen)
    • Can use telepathy, or some kind of magic that allows thought manipulation
    • States that Ravnica is just a “waypoint” and that they’re just passing through (possible planeswalker reference).
    • Hides voice to avoid being recognized (Jace is well known on Ravnica).

So what do you think of these clues? Did Jace really survive the events of the Phyrexian incursion? What about Vraska? Let us know what you think in the comments over on Facebook and X.