Good Morning Magic Gives Hints For Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Commander Cards

Speculate on some new card hints and art coming in the OTJ Commander Decks

Kirri, Talented Sprout illustrated by Simon Dominic

The four Commander Decks from Outlaws of Thunder Junction will be previewed on Thursday (including the Grand Larceny deck here on Star City Games), so Gavin Verhey offered an overview of the decks and some hints at what the decks will contain on today’s episode of Good Morning Magic.

Here are the 12 hints for new cards coming in Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander:

  • A card that creates Sand Warrior tokens
  • A two-drop creature that taps for two mana (with a restriction)
  • A card with storm
  • A card that specifically cares about the card Command Tower
  • A card that is a reference to a blue rare from Odyssey block
  • A card that does something for “each time you’ve cast your commander from the command zone this game”
  • A card named “Rumbleweed”
  • An eight-mana black board sweeper
  • A new creature-land
  • A card that does something “for each mana from a Desert spent to cast this spell”
  • Magic’s 13th mono-black “enchant land” aura
  • A new Ninja with ninjutsu and one other returning ability

Additionally, Verhey showed off art for a new card from each Commander Deck. The first two pieces of art are for cards Verhey didn’t name, but the last two are for alternate legendary creatures for two of the decks.

This showdown-themed art is from a card in the Most Wanted deck.

This electric piece is featured in the Quick Draw deck.

Here is the back-up legend from the Grand Larceny deck — Felix Five-Boots!

And the back-up legend for the Desert Bloom deck is Kirri, Talented Sprout.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is scheduled to release on April 19. View our official preview gallery.