Craig Boone Joins Magic: The Gathering As Part Of Hail, Caesar Fallout Commander Deck

Take a look at the legendary sharpshooter from Fallout: New Vegas

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out a legendary creature coming to Magic: The Gathering from the Hail, Caesar Fallout Commander Deck — Craig Boone, Novac Guard!

Boone, the retired sharpshooter of the New California Republic Army, joins MTG as a three-mana 3/3 Human Solider with reach and lifelink. Boone is a storied character from Fallout: New Vegas with a troubled past. The One For My Baby questline from the game is used for his ability, triggering when you attack with two or more creatures (calling back to fighting alongside his best friend, Manny).

When you attack with two creatures, you put two quest counters on Boone. When you do, he deals damage equal to the number of quest counters on him to up to one target creature unless that creature’s controller has Boone deal that much damage to them.

Boone works well with Caesar, Legion’s Emperor, who helps you create an army of creatures, draw cards, and target your opponents’ life totals. The lifelink on Boone lets you make up for life loss spent drawing cards and turns your attempted shots at creatures to gain life as well.

Fallout is scheduled to release on March 8. View our official gallery.