Celebration Tokyo To Have Two Exclusive Promo Cards

New-art Shivan Dragon and Destroy Evil available as part of Magic: The Gathering’s 30th anniversary

Shivan Dragon illustrated by Satoru Senda

Two new exclusive promo cards will be available at Celebration Tokyo as part of Magic: The Gathering’s 30 anniversary. Take a look at these new-art versions of Destroy Evil and Shivan Dragon!

Celebration Tokyo runs from September 1-10 at Miyashita Park in Shibuya, a ward of Tokyo. The event will be held on multiple floors of the park and feature a range of events from open play, presentations, a museum, a trade show, and more.

Buying a day pass gets you the Destroy Evil promo and spending ¥ 5,000 gets you the Shivan Dragon, while supplies last. For event information, a travel guide, and to buy tickets, check out the website here.

The Magic30th_TOKYO Twitter account also has more information available.