Building Worlds Video Gives First Looks At Characters, Lands, And Spells From The Brothers’ War

New illustrations of Urza, Mishra, Titania, and other key characters revealed in preview video

Myrel, Shield of Argive illustrated by Ryan Pancoast

The Brothers’ War Building Worlds panel video offered a glimpse into the art and story of the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Set. Fans got to see the first images of new and returning characters, lands, spells, and artifacts coming in The Brothers’ War.

The Brothers’ War plays out over three acts, showing the origin story of Urza and Mishra finding and breaking a powerstone into the Mightstone and Weakstone, the two amassing armies of men and machines, and the climax of the battle leaving the world decimated from war.

Teferi is able to go back in time to spectate the war after the creation of the Temporal Anchor. His view into the past shows us iconic characters from Magic history, as well as new ones.


Take a look at images of Urza, Mishra, Tawnos, Titania, Harbin, and Drafna.


Some of the images also show us the return of Commands. We can see Mishra’s Command and Titania’s Command. We also get to see the moment when Urza and Mishra break the powerstone that turns into the Mightstone and Weakstone.


Art for two of the four remaining pain lands were revealed. Check out Brushland and Battlefield Forge. We also get to see a new land: Argoth, Sanctum of Nature.


We also get to see two artifacts that stand out among the many machines that carry out the war. The Temporal Anchor and Urza’s Sylex will be important in the story to come for The Brothers’ War.

Preview season for The Brothers’ War begins on October 27. It will release on November 18. Check out our official preview gallery here.